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The following are rules and regulations of the Croghan Free Library, updated August 8, 2021.

The following are rules and regulations of the Croghan Free Library, effective February 5, 2018

1.      New Cardholders:

a.       Complete a registration form and provide identification. Primary identification to be used is identification with a picture (preferably a Driver’s License) which has the individual’s current address. If the address information on the picture ID is not current, then another form of identification must be presented which verifies the individual’s current address (i.e. a piece of mail or bill). Individuals who do not possess a valid picture ID must present two documents that verify current address.

b.      Individuals will not be able to sign out any items until their library card is issued

c.       Children 13 and under must apply with a parent or guardian and that adult’s signature is required on their registration form.

2.      Overall Policy:

a.       Users MUST present their library card to check out materials.

b.      There is an overall limit of 20 items at one time on a library card.

c.       Library cards must be renewed every year by a staff member.

3.      Loan Periods:

a.       All fiction, non-fiction, juvenile, easy reader books, and magazines are loaned out for four weeks and can be renewed once.

b.      All new items and audio books are loaned out for a period of two weeks.

c.       All movies are loaned out for one week.

d.      Reference materials do not circulate. 

4.      Renewal policy:

a.       All items may be renewed by phone, in person, or online if there is no waiting list for the item.

b.      Renewals are not allowed for new items or for items with hold requests. An item is considered to be “new” for a minimum of a four-month period.

5.      Overdues and Fines:

a.       Our library is currently fine free for all circulating items. The only item(s) exempt from this rule is our museum passes. These passes have a fine of $2.00 per day for each day that the pass is overdue with a maximum fine of $25.

b.      If a library item is determined to be lost or damaged beyond repair, the replacement cost is listed in the individual record for that item. This amount could vary if the item was loaned from another library.   

c.       Lending privileges will be suspended if user has 5 or more overdue items, and will not be restored until materials are either returned or fines have been paid.

6.      Damaged Materials:

a.       If a book or other material is damaged beyond repair, the borrower is required to pay the billed amount.

b.      Until the damaged item is paid for, the user may not borrow any items.

7.      Confidentiality:

a.       Library records that are deemed confidential are covered by New York State law signed on June 13, 1988. (I CPLR 4509)

b.      Those records are related to the circulation of library materials that contain names or other personally identifying details regarding the users of public, free association, school, college, and university libraries and library systems of this state, including but not limited to records related to the circulation of library materials, computer database searches, interlibrary loan transactions, reference queries, requests, or the use of audio-visual equipment. These records shall be confidential and shall not be disclosed except that such records may be disclosed upon the request or consent of the user pursuant to subpoena, court order or where otherwise required by statute.

c.       The Croghan Free Library adheres strictly to all sections of this statute regarding the protection of the confidentiality of its users.

8.      Interlibrary Loan (ILL):

a.       The interlibrary loan service supports the mission of the library by providing expanded access to library materials and information. The purpose of interlibrary loan is to obtain materials not available in the library. The library affirms that interlibrary loan is an adjunct to, not a substitute for the library’s collection. In meeting patron needs, the library will exhaust local resources first, before requesting items on interlibrary loan.

                                                              i.      Definition:

1.      An interlibrary loan request is defined as a request for library materials made on behalf of a patron through ILL or NNYLN (Northern New York Library Network)

                                                            ii.      Patron Status:

1.      Patrons must have a library card in good standing to use the interlibrary loan service.

2.      Interlibrary loan requests will not be processed for patrons with overdue interlibrary loan materials.

                                                          iii.      Borrowing Rules:

1.      Fifteen active requests are permitted at any one time per patron. A request is active from the time it is initiated until the item has been checked out at the lending library.

2.      Materials will be available for pickup for ten days after they are processed. If an item is not picked up, it will be returned to the owning library.

3.      Interlibrary loan materials are checked out for 28 days, unless otherwise specified by lending library.

4.      Interlibrary loans may be renewed only once if the lending library permits renewals.


Approved 9/10/2018

Reviewed and Updated 8/9/2021

The following are rules and regulations of the Croghan Free Library, effective May 5, 2014

  • PC’s are available to patrons on a first come, first serve basis. Instructions for operating hardware are displayed near the computer. There is no charge for use of the PC’s, however in order to make the service available to as many patrons as possible, there will be a time limit of 30 minutes, maximum usage per day is ONE HOUR. Library staff is available for general assistance in using the computer. However, staff members are not expected to train patrons in the use of application programs.
  • Users will not bring their own software programs and load them on the computers.
  • Users are responsible for any damage caused to the computers or related equipment.
  • Transmission of any illegal material is strictly prohibited.
  • Patrons are not to save anything to the hard drive. All files must be saved on a thumb drive or other USB compatible device.
  • This library reserves the right to remove inappropriate material from the computer screen and will instruct the patron to refrain from seeking similar sites.
  • Printers are not to be used to print out obscenities, pornography, material violent in nature or any other material that is deemed inappropriate.
  • Internet and/or library privileges may be revoked for violation of the above policies.
  • Copy services are available. Black and white copies will cost $0.15 per page and color copies will cost $1 per page. These copies must be paid for at the conclusion of your visit. Copy machine users are advised that there are restrictions on copyrighted materials. Any violation of copyright is the responsibility of the copy machine user.
  • Fax service is also available to our patrons at the fee of $1 per page.

Collection Development Policy

The Croghan Free Library aims to provide current, high-interest materials for patrons in a variety of formats which are both recreational and support life-long learning. Library materials purchased reflect the variety of borrowing habits of the community we are chartered to serve, while seeking out new authors and expanding the horizons of our patrons as reflected by the changing demographics in society. Due to the high volume of publishing, as well as the limitations of budget and space, the library must have a selection policy with which to meet community interests and needs.

The Board of Trustees is charged with being ultimately responsible for the selection of all materials in their collection. The Board has chosen to delegate full responsibility for the selection of materials to the Director of the Library. Under the authority of the Director sits the responsibility to select and deselect all library materials. All purchases are made within the annual budget set by the Board of Trustees.

Due to limited budget and space, the library cannot provide all materials that are requested. Therefore, interlibrary loan is used to obtain from other libraries those materials that are beyond the scope of this library’s collection. In return for utilizing interlibrary loan to satisfy the needs of our patrons, the Croghan Free Library agrees to lend its materials to other libraries through the same interlibrary loan network, and to make an effort to have its current catalog holdings listed as a tool that is accessible by other libraries throughout the state.

The Croghan Free Library recognizes the need for ongoing evaluation of its collections to assure that it is providing items that are desirable to the public. This ongoing maintenance includes weeding, replacement, and repair, not just acquisitions. In order to best protect our materials, our books will be covered with materials to ensure that they are as protected as possible from excessive wear and damage.

All library materials will be reviewed on an annual basis, or as necessary for repairs, replacements, or discarding. Our guidelines for those decisions are as follows:

Weeding Guidelines:


·         Materials with obsolete content

·         Materials which are infrequently used (Fiction = 5 years, NF = 8 years)

·         Materials in poor or irreparable physical condition

·         Almanacs, directories, and standard texts (should be no older than 5 years)

·         Materials which are incomplete sets in which items missing seriously impair their usefulness

·         Materials that have no anticipated use

·         Works containing information that has been superseded or presented in newer, more comprehensive or more accessible formats

·         Weeded items will be disposed of by recycling or placed in book sale room

Retention Guidelines:


·         Popular works in good condition

·         Works containing useful local information

·         Primary works in particular disciplines or topics

·         Works identified as core collection items

·         Works representative of an era, trend or movement which provide unique coverage

·         Works listed in standard or authoritative up to date bibliographies regularly used by staff and the public

·         Replacement of desired item is not possible

·         The most cost-effective option is selected when making replacement versus repair decisions

Although materials are carefully selected, there can arise differences of opinion regarding suitable materials. If a patron feels that an item contained in the Croghan Free Library is somehow offensive and should be removed from the shelves a Reconsideration of Library Materials form should be filled out and will be placed on the agenda of the next regular meeting of the Croghan Free Library Board of Trustees.

Defense of Intellectual Freedom Statement

The North Country Library System upholds the principle of intellectual freedom and resists all efforts to censor library resources. We affirm the American Library Association’s Library Bill of Rights, Freedom to View, and Freedom to Read policy statements in support of acquiring and managing collections. 

Libraries are unique institutions of education and knowledge that provide access to materials that reflect a broad range of subjects, ideas, and opinions. In doing so, all libraries contain some materials which parents may not want their children to read, view, or borrow. While parents have the right to set restrictions for their own children, no person or group has the right to deny an entire community access to library materials. 

Therefore, the North Country Library System stands firmly opposed to the restriction, removal, and/or censorship of books and other library materials in an attempt to limit the freedom to read or obstruct intellectual freedom. 

The library accepts gifts of books and other materials as space allows, with the understanding that they will be added to the collection only if appropriate and needed. If they are not needed because of duplication, condition, or dated information, the director can dispose of them as he/she sees fits.


Approved 8/9/2021

Revised 3/7/2022

The following are rules and regulations of the Croghan Free Library, effective March 3, 2014 1.


  1. Who may use the library:
    1. The library will serve all residents of the community and the public library system area. Service will not be denied or abridged because of religious, racial, social, economic, or political status; or because of mental, emotional, or physical condition; age, or sexual orientation. The library makes every effort to be fully ADA compliant.
    2. The use of the library may be denied for due cause. Such cause may be failure to return library materials or to pay penalties, destruction of library property, disturbance of other patrons, or any other illegal, disruptive or objectionable conduct on library premises.
  2. Patron Responsibilities and conduct:
    1. It is a patron’s responsibility to maintain necessary and proper standards of behavior in order to protect his/her individual rights and the rights and privileges of other patrons. If a patron creates a public nuisance, that patron may be restricted from the library and from the use of the library facilities. Those who are unwilling to leave or do not leave without a reasonable amount of time, after being instructed to do so by the staff, will be subject to law.
      1. Cell phone use is not allowed in the library. Patrons should turn off cell phones, or put them on vibrate mode, when entering the building.
      2. Patrons are not permitted to use the library for sleeping or napping.
      3. Weapons or instruments/devices that may be used as a weapon are not allowed in the library.
  1. Young Children:
    1. The Croghan Free Library encourages visits by young children and it is our desire to make this important visit both memorable and enjoyable for the child. Library staff is not expected to assume responsibility for the care of unsupervised children in the library.
    2. Therefore it is library policy that all children under the age of 10 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian while in the library. Also, if the young child is attending a library program, we require the parent or other designated responsible person to remain in the library throughout the entire program.
  2. Disruptive Children:
    1. Children of all ages are encouraged to use the library for homework, recreational reading, and program attendance. The library staff realizes that the library will be noisier at busy times and that children by nature can cause more commotion. However, children (whether with parents or not) who are continually being disruptive will be given a warning that he/she must settle down or will be asked to leave the library. If after a second warning the child continues to be disruptive, he/she will be asked to leave the library. If the child needs to contact a parent, they may do so and then wait with a staff person until the parent arrives.


The freedom to read is a fundamental right of every American and must not be limited by the would-be censor. Every library should have as part of its adopted by-laws both the “LIBRARY BILL OF RIGHTS” and the “FREEDOM TO READ” statement. Should a censorship challenge lead to the open form of the media or the courts, it is essential that the library have these documents as an official integral part of their library policies. The North Country Library System stands ready to assist any library in the System area to fight to preserve the people’s freedom to read. The form, “Citizen’s Request for Reconsideration of Library Material” should be presented to any individual who asks or demands that a given book, periodical, or piece of library material be removed from the collection or restricted in its availability to the library’s patrons. Be sure that the complainant fills out the form as completely as possible. His/her signature at the bottom of the form is of particular importance.

Once you have received the completed form from the complainant, it is most important that you treat the individual with the utmost tact. Explain the principle of the freedom to read. In no way should the librarian assume that this should be a personal problem between the librarian and the patron. You should politely inform the patron that the form, the material in question and the whole situation will be brought to the attention of the Board of Trustees of your library. Next, please call the System Service Center to let your consultant, the Director, or the professional on duty know about the situation as soon as possible. The System will do everything it can to assist you in handling the complaint.